Bois Macon New Innovation
Bois Macon Wood-Plastic composites WPC as the name suggests, WPC combines the properties of wood and plastic of fering a highly durable and strong material. Bois Macon posses best properties of both wood and plastics, leaving behind all the shortcomings of wood and plastics. Bois Macon the worlds latest alternative choice of construction material. Bois Macon is the combination of virgin PVC and Wood Powder which is processed by state of art the technology. Bois Macon is the answer for those who really need termite free, weather/water resistant, fire retardant but find it difficult to get high quality hard wood.

What are wood plastic composite?
Wood plastic composite is the combination of plastic, wood flour and other additive, mix consistency together and then extruded or moulded to the required shape. The material is formed into both solid and hollow profiles or into injection moulded parts and products.

Application use in WPC
Wood plastic composite most widespread use in outdoor decking and also used for railing, fence, ceiling, siding, window & door frame, sunshade, gazebo, pergola, furniture, other outdoor application.