Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows offer efficient ventilation - both upper and lower sashes open.

Years of smooth, effortless operation. Our Advanced Balance Systemhelps ensure your window will open and close easily. A tighter seal against the elements.

Easier cleaning. Both sashes tilt in - making it easy to clean the exterior glass from inside your home.

Casement & Awning windows

Coveted for their clean, uncluttered views and effortless operation they glide open and shut with the turn of on eeasy-to-operate handle.

Years of smooth openings and closings.Steel operating arms and hinges resist rust and corrosion.

More convenient handle design. Fold-away handle won't get in the way of room side window treatments.

Simple to operate.

Easier cleaning. Sash moves toward the center, leaving room to clean the exterior glass from inside your home.

Bay or bow windows

More than just windows, they're combinations of windows that reach out into the world and expand your living space and your view.

The right fit for your home. Bois offers bay or bow windows in avariety of standard and custom sizes and angles.

Extra comfort and charm.

Easier installation.Many Bois bay or bow windows come ready to be installed — so no extra time is needed for assembly.

Combination, fixed & special shape windows & doors

Window and door combinations are two or more windows or doors joined together to add character to your home's design.

Mix and match. Start with any Bois window or patio door, then add more Bois products next to, above or below it to create a combination that reflects your personal style.

Create a custom look. Assembling a variety of standard window styles makes a design statement for less than the cost of a custom window.

Virtually endless design possibilities. Special Shape windows are available in curves and angles to add architectural interest and natural light.

Sliding patio doors

Since they don't swing, sliding patio doors require less floor space. From the dining room to the bedroom, they're the right fit because you can place furniture nearby.

Easy operation. Convenient thumblock allows you to open and close the door with one hand.

Better draft protection. Bois unique design puts the sliding panel on the outside. So when the wind blows against it, it creates a tighter seal.

Extra convenience.

More light and a clearer view.

Hinged Patio Doors

Hinged patio doors swing open and closed to make coming and going easy.

Stunning design and functional passages. Choose one movable and onefixed door that can hinge from the center or a single door for simple elegance.

Added security and peace of mind. Advanced multipoint locking system secures the door at the top, middle and bottom for more peace of mind.

More fresh air.